Q & A

Questions & Answers

Do I get the digital files from a session?

Yes, according to which package you purchase and the number of files in that package.  You will receive a link to download your files after they are edited.


Do I receive the digital files and a print release from my wedding?

Yes, you will receive a link to download your the full resolution files from your wedding after the editing process.


Are all of the images from my wedding pro-edited?

100 of your images are pro-edited with skin smoothing if needed and a few special effects.  Those are the image’s of the bride and groom so the two of you look fabulous!  The other images are all correctly exposed and checked for color professionally.


How long does a wedding normally take to edit?

Well, that all depends.  Small weddings less than 3 hours may to a few weeks and larger weddings can take anywhere from 4-8 weeks depending on peek wedding season and the number of sessions booked in between.  


Do you work with a second shooter for your weddings?

Yes, when you book a wedding with 2 photographers, 2 skilled photographers will be at your service.  And when you book a wedding with one photographer, I normally bring an assistant/photography student with me to assist and learn in the process!


Do you carry Back-up Equipment?

You Betcha!


Do you have PPA/Liability Insurance?

Of course!  Weddings are one-time events that you can not recreate so we always do our utmost best to have you covered in every area!


Is there a travel fee over a certain amount mile’s outside the Baton Rouge Area?

Yes, normally .58 percent per gallon based on the current gasoline price.


Do you pay fee’s at certain location’s venue’s, if I want to shoot there?

No, the client is responsible for all photography cost associated with the location the desire to shoot at.


When will get to see the images from my session?

Your gallery normally takes about 3-5 business days, before you get the link emailed to you.


What do I do once I am in my gallery?

You may place a star by the number of image’s that are in your portrait package so I know which image’s you would like me to pro-edit!


How long does editing take for a session?

Editing a session depends on the number of images in your package but it normally takes 3-7 business days, before you receive your link to download your finished artwork.

*These are just a few of the most commonly asked question by my clients.  For a list of venues around the Baton Rouge area.  Please email me, if you have any other questions at val@valerieromerophotography.com